Project Management (CRM)

Grow your business and increase sales with a project management system.

1. Easy Project Management

No need to learn difficult CRM systems, just use project management. Automatic cron events  will automate many of your repetitive task with much greater consistency while saving you more time.    

2. Collaborate with Staff & Clients

Easily assign new tasks and check project status with client interaction. Emails are automatically sent to keep everyone update to date and connected.

3. Ready to get started?

Starting at $34.95/mo. 
- Unlimited users
-Unlimited projects

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  • Management of unlimited projects at the same time.
  • Clients can interact with their project for real-time status
  • Cloud hosted – Access 24/7/365 from anywhere.
  • No limits on milestones, tasks list or activity assigned to projects.
  • Permissions based access based on roles assigned to the user.
  • Integrated time clock, billable time tracking and file management system to make project organization easier.
  • Export reports and notifications to PDF, Excel format for data processing.
  • Email notifications are automatically sent to users for new and updated task.
  • Basecamp files can be imported to make migration easy and implement cross functionality.
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