Uptime interruptions due to hardware failures?

Traditional “dedicated” or “VPS” servers are known for this. Our Cloud Hosting offers limitless scalability & bandwidth, making these interruptions distant memory. Enterprise-Class Cloud Hosting with Louisville Marketing – 100% Uptime Guaranteed!    more info

Our on-demand infrastructure is vital to your business’ growth, flexibility, accessibility, & security 24/7/365. Cloud Hosting allows your business to expand as needed with horsepower for heavy traffic loads.


Our cloud hosting has a compelling value proposition for today’s businesses. Louisville Marketing’s Cloud Hosting is tailor-made for companies who need hosting services with highly available, secure and redundant cloud servers. Fuel the twin turbine engines that fly your online needs. Dedicated servers are mere dots driving and no one likes to run into road work traffic. 

These solutions allow your business to use the optimization and full scalability of cloud hosting technologies while maintaining high levels of security and manageability. If all sides are against this backed up hosting giant and the pigs do end up flying, we have the team and resources to take on any problems if they should come to rear their troublesome head. Louisville Marketing’s Cloud is so reliable we can safely say that you will most likely never have to make any “My website’s is down!” calls to us. 

Louisville Marketing’s Cloud Hosting’s on-demand access to virtual resources allows your website to remain accessible during the heaviest loads of traffic. This managed, enterprise-level cloud platform features workload balancing that creates the perfect cloud hosting solution to meet your application performance needs. 

Just like a turbine engine, cloud servers reach and maintain a steady stream of power, setting you up for smooth sailing on top of Louisville Marketing’s Cloud Hosting system. 


- Louisville Marketing’s Cloud Hosting never changes pace and is backed up in numerous physical locations in case of any instances.

-Leverage the redundant power, cooling, infrastructure investment and network connectivity in our best-in-class data center.

-We handle all your website hosting needs with deployment and management across all relevant internet platforms.

-Your Website performance is considered a constant because we extensively field test for reliability and compatibility. 

-Server outages no longer equates to long down-times. With auto-recover functionality, any server is brought up in its original state within a few minutes of other servers within the cluster. The cluster remains online creating the cloud hosting platform. 

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